Seven Streams Bookmark Set




Read through the Bible in a year with the Seven Streams.

This set of seven bookmarks was created by Dr. Drake Travis to help you track a new method of reading through the Bible. This is an original unique project that is not duplicated anywhere else in Christendom. We think you will find it enlightening.

Read, read, read your Book gently down the streams…

The 7 Streams are The World, The Nation, Wisdom, Prophetic, Exile, Christ, and The Church. The 7 Streams match the 7 days of the week. You will read from the same section of Scripture on the same day of the week all year. For instance, if Jan. 1 is a Tuesday, then you will read from The World Stream each Tuesday.

Bulk rates are available for 20 or more sets. Call 310-987-0563 for discount information. The price includes shipping and tax if applicable.

Also available: a FREE podcast to listen to the entire Bible with The Seven Streams.


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