Who Paid My Bus Fare?

When on public transit, I have a habit of visually scanning the crowd to see who wishes to engage or to see who could use a kind word. I take note of who appears to be struggling, perhaps financially and cover their bus fare for them.

This particular day I was feeling especially generous and made a subtle announcement to the line of riders waiting to board.

I was paying for anyone that morning who was hard-pressed to pay the bus fare. Four young “students” who appeared to be college-aged took me up on the offer and were abundantly grateful.

Then a divine prompting had me pay for 10 bus tickets upon boarding. I told the driver, “This is for me, the four behind me and the next five riders who will receive a bus pass.” The driver complied yet at the same time looked at me as if to say, “What’s come over you, sonny?”

We all got seated and what would normally be a quiet transit ride bore resemblance to a birthday party. The chatter was a marvel, very unlike a public bus ride. Everyone was asking what I did that for.

They opened up about their day, their plans, their job, work, school. As new riders boarded, they would pause, look at the driver incredulous, turn their head in a whip and inquire, “Who paid my bus fare?!” One person began to tear up over the generosity. The God-bless-you’s flew.

The conversation surprisingly turned to where people went to church (Surprisingly? Yeah right, there I go again!) Nearly everyone on the bus was engaged in this conversation by now. The topic of God had seized the vehicle.

And it was a marvel! 90% of the people on the bus were Christians, were in their church choir, fondly remembered their days at Christian School, or were headed to a Christian function. All eager to talk about it once I had taken the lead.

One man cut in and declared that he wasn’t a Christian, but wanted to be one and to become one today… “So what do I need to do?” he persisted. He came to Jesus. That’s called a revival, people. And all were having is a blast!

Yes, the power of God overtook the bus that morning.

Imagine the atmosphere that would overtake your town, your state, this nation and this world if all the Christians acted like Christians all the time.

Stop sneaking around, hunching, hiding behind newspapers, minding your own business, acting like other’s hardship isn’t your business…

Over 2 billion people on earth categorize themselves as Christians. We have the power, the soul, the numbers and the resources to do this; to overtake the world.

And the Holy Spirit is willing.