What Happened to Humility in Winning?

Amid all the political talk this week, may I pause to talk about decency in another realm?  The world of sports caught my attention last week. Two extremely rude incidents took place that are, well, grievous.

The Oakland Raiders traveled to play the Seattle Seahawks. The Raiders record going in is 0-7.  The Seahawks are the most recent Super Bowl victors playing at home in their strategically constructed noise chamber of a stadium.  This is a deliberate scheme so that opposing teams have difficulty communicating.

As game time approached, some local Seattle fan holds up a sign to the Raider team that says, “0-8 is an ugly record – but it looks good on you!”
Seattle won. Yep. But not by much.  Aren’t some words unnecessarily childish and mean? and better left unsaid?
In New England the Patriots’ packed stadium chant against the Broncos; against Peyton Manning in particular.  Over 65,000 aren’t satisfied that they are drubbing the visiting Denver Broncos 43-21.  They need to grind it in like brainless grammar school kids and chant, “Brady’s better [stomp, stomp]…Brady’s better…”  Winning wasn’t enough for them?
The greatest thing I learned in my 14 years of athletic competition was parlayed to me by our High School’s track coach.  “Win with humility, and lose with dignity.”  This old fashioned wisdom is needs to be discussed anew.