Robin Williams Called!

The phone rang Saturday morning August 09, 2014 and it was Robin Williams.  He said to come to his house and come quickly. He needed to talk.”

Can you imagine this?  Had this happened, what would I have done?  What would you have done?  Robin Williams home and mine are almost 400 miles apart, but distance would have been no issue. I would have zipped down to the local executive airport and hired a private jet to rush to Robin’s aid. Any other transportation would have been too slow. I would have spared nothing to see him through.
What about you? What would you have done to help a friend get past a “dark tunnel”?  I personally never met Robin, but watching any of his fun movies makes one feel like you’re his friend by the end. Our church treasurer was a ‘mover’ during the week and he moved Robin Williams from one house to another years ago. He told us the next Sunday that Robin is the kindest, most generous, enjoyable person to be around. And it was the zaniest 8 hours of his life! He loved every moment of being entertained while working that day.
Did you know that Robin was not fine? And had people known, how many would have rushed to his side to pray with him? be with him? hear him out? take a walk with him? How many would have helped out? 100 million people? 500 million? We all pause and mourn his absence. Hence, let us be alert to the fact that people are not fine. No news is not good news. Check on friends who have gone silent.  And us, ourselves, when we are not fine, don’t “go into a cave.” Open up, talk, call someone, get out, find a soul who will pray with you, and share a meal. Do you have a friend who’s gone silent? Pay a visit, bring a rose, a meal, treat them to something, offer to take them on a drive.
God asked Cain, “where is your brother?”  Cain replies defensively, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”  Let’s remind each other that, YES, we are our brothers’ keeper. Dozens and dozens take their own lives everyday. This can stop and we can stop it. Reach out and offer a kind word, and gesture. Most can be cheered up in 30 seconds. It’s true. Even strangers will receive it.  Actively care.  It changes everything.