I Question the Critics

Another rendition of Jesus’ life has hit the big screen.  Many are encouraged by this version of ‘the gospel according to the creators of “The Bible”.’  I found myself quite moved by it.  So much so that I saw it a second time and gained even more as I analyzed it even less and experienced it more fully.

And of course, there are the critics.  One must marvel at how little courage it takes to criticize.  They sound like the whiners of the 1960’s who offered no solutions and merely wanted to trash everything and everyone that gave them the freedom to be free to do so.  Self-defeating and senseless?  Yes.  Then and now.

One armchair critic blathered on about how Mark and Roma are not real Christians, but full on New-Agers involved in the Occult.  So, sir/madam, are they New Agers today?  Or were they in former years? If they were in former years, then you should rejoice in their transformation.  Or do you claim they are New-Agers now? really? are you sure? Have you met them and they told you this?  Well, I have met Mark and Roma, for lunch, later for tea and spent an evening with them at a later date.  My film partner went to “The Bible” premier at their home.  The word from insiders is that these two love Jesus.  Jesus is their Savior.  They say this openly and plainly. They did these two project [“The Bible” & Son of God] to state to the world that Jesus IS God. And that is their final statement.  To you critics, what do you want from them? Whether Mark/Roma made mistakes in life or if they were so perfect that they didn’t even need to come to Calvary, confess and follow Christ –> You would criticize them either way, wouldn’t you?  And you likely criticize the Pharisees and Sadducees too?  Is this because you aren’t one of them or because you are?

Yes, I read the detailed explanation surmising that the Burnetts are New Agers. You quote this source and that source and this source and that source.  To the dilettante you could come across as very researched.  But your layout reminded me of an extremely articulate and passionate presentation I saw years ago by The Flat-Earth Society.  It was brilliantly presented, fully documented, the bloke was educated, he was confident, he was consumed in the subject … and he’s wrong.  Facts, truth, reality, perception, the apparent, the latent – you may speak what you want, but you do not know the Burnetts and you are wrong about them.

Their faith and their work is reaching more souls for Jesus than you critics are – tens of millions more.  Please pause and read Philippians 1:15-18, especially if it is your first time to read it.