He Wants You to Quit – Part II

Soldiers are not allowed to fight and finish their jobs.  They are even being rewarded with medals for retreating especially when they are in a fight with Muslims (Obama’s friends). Ask a soldier. I did!  This is our US Military, and it’s unreal.  Veterans are not allowed to heal. ‘Heard about Obama’s V.A. mess – (that he is secretly pleased with)? The agenda: Obama is trying to get the U.S. military to give up. Soldiers are demoralized like they were when LBJ/McNamara were poorly running the Vietnam War. Talk to the men in uniform. Encourage them. Our politicians who jerk them around won’t encourage them. Think of it – why would Obama/Biden stop the Muslim mob from killing the Navy Seals and Ambassador/staff in Benghazi September 2012? Obama isn’t going to stop his friends from killing his enemies – not a chance.  All the DNC plans are right on schedule.  Is it making sense to you why he wants only the law-abiding citizens unarmed?  Why does he prefer us to be frustrated, helpless, listless, dismayed, AND unable to defend ourselves?
People in all sectors of society, who aren’t Obama insiders and supporters, are very concerned. Some are dismayed. Are you also hearing some ancient wisdom from 950 B.C.?  “…when the wicked rule, the people groan.” Proverbs 29:2b
Churchill’s motto was “never give up, never give up, never, ever, ever give up.”  And in doing so he rallied the West to preserve itself from Nazi madness. The motto of Obama and the DNC is “quit people, quit! Quit working now. Quit farming, quit defending, quit leading and inventing and transporting, quit on Church, quit on your families.  Just quit altogether. We will take care of you. WE IN WASHINGTON DC will be your new modern family.”
Do you believe them?