He Wants You to Quit – Part I

The agenda of the Obama administration seems to be to create frustration for productive people. I travel the country, and farmers are frustrated. Employers and businessmen are frustrated, as are our soldiers and veterans, truckers, entrepreneurs, etc. Basically, patriots everywhere, those who love the red, white, and blue are frustrated, coast to coast.  Pause and think about who likes Obama. Now compare their culture against the current attitude of the once joyful and productive people. Where do you think this is headed? Some place pretty?
All that is needed to get someone frustrated and to quit is to desperately underpay them or seize and control of what that they make, build, create, and/or earn. Pol Pot diabolically got the Cambodians to starve themselves by taxing farmers 90%  The farmers simply quit planting out of discouragement. Communist leaders in Russia completely demoralized the Russians for 70 years by turning them all into minion employers and leaving them zero control over their lives. Countries where socialism rules tend to secularize people, stilt innovation, divert charity to hapless and lurid causes, and make distrust a prevalent sentiment while making the public’s love for each other grow cold. Lenin knew this as did Alinsky, and so does Obama’s DNC.
Farmers nationwide are barely scraping by.  If the government gets its way, the farmers will be bankrupt (like them) sooner than we all wish.  What will we eat then? Businessmen, industrialists, inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs are wondering where in the world the money has gone. People ponder – why has work become illegal and when is the end of this current foolish experiment? Truckers, airlines, shippers (as are farmers and the rest of us) are wondering how did we get to nearly $5.-/gallon for fuel when just 40 years ago it could be found for .25 cents/gallon.  There is enough oil in this country to run it for centuries. Oil workers have told me so. They are drilling – and forced to cap – as Washington demands we keep buying from the Middle East so they are flush with cash ‘over there’ and are bold to continue their agenda ‘over here’ and across the globe.  Would you run things this way if you were in charge?